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Why You Need Charcoal In Your Skincare Routine

It may be a new trend in skin care but doctors have been using charcoal for centuries. Because of its ability to trap chemicals and toxins in the body, its a natural purifier and has been used to treat poisonings, treat insect bites and even whiten teeth. Charcoal is the byproduct of heating carbon-centric materials, like wood and coconut shells, slowly in an oxygen free environment to the point where all water and other impurities are removed leaving behind pure carbon. Not to be confused with the rocks that Santa leaves you in your stocking...that's coal. 

When applied to your skin, it shouldn't dry it out or strip it of natural oils. Good thing, because the last thing you want to do is pile on oils and moisturizers clogging pores again. What it should do is use it's magnetic magical forces to draw out the gross stuff and leave your skin's natural oils behind. Like with all skin treatments, those with extra sensitive or severely dry skin may want to proceed with caution. 

So why should you implement charcoal products into your skincare routine? Glad you asked! Let me paint a picture...You're in L.A. (or another major metropolis) walking to your local farmer's market to snag some fresh veg when a giant city bus blazes by leaving you in a trail of exhaust and street debris. When you get to the market, your generous friend sprays you down with insect repellant because it's mosquito season and while trying to source the perfect bouquet from the floral stall you are inundated with cigarette smoke from a lady hovering nearby (who still smokes anyway?!). All the pollutants we are confronted with in a normal day can cling to our skin and therefor we need to cleanse and detoxify. Your skin deserves better and so do you!

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