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Journaling in Your Self Care Routine

The term self care is being thrown around a lot lately, and for good reason! Our daily lives are full of challenges, obstacles and stressors which is why taking time for yourself is so important. Otherwise we'd all being running around like toxic, crazed lunatics and that sounds like a miserable place to be. So where does one start with a self care routine?

Nicole Carmen, a blogger and mental health advocate wrote, "Self-care is vital to our mental and overall health and, ironically, it’s something we frequently neglect to practice". While this is likely true for most of us, I would bet that's something we are all willing to change. Start small by implementing things you enjoy to do alone like taking a luxurious bubble bath, practicing meditation or writing in a journal. 

Engaging in journaling is known to improve your mood and sharpen memory. Therapists and psychologists recommend journaling as an essential part of maintaining balanced mental health. It helps to prioritize thoughts, release emotions and address fears. 

Despite your best intentions it can be very scary and difficult to begin pouring your private thoughts out onto a blank sheet of paper. So many of us are guilty of buying that cute notebook with an inspirational quote on the front cover. And how many of us use it for writing down grocery lists instead of a thoughtful passage reflecting on the day's events? No shame in that game! But if you're really interested in getting to know more about the deeper part of yourself, try using our journal that's already filled with prompts and ideas to get the juices flowing.  

The Pause Journal is filled with fun questions, thought-provoking prompts, inspiring stories and 52 weekly journaling pages. It’s a place to reflect, capture dreams and opportunities, explore ideas and desires, celebrate the highs, contemplate the lows, and jot down your thoughts to keep forever.

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