Bring the Outside In

These past few months we've spent cooped up inside, longingly waiting for the day when we can get back to life as usual, or to use the term that makes me cringe, the "new normal". Can't you just picture a Karen saying this in a condescending tone? Ugh.  Anyway, spending so much more time indoors can leave a lot of people feeling blue, myself included. Here is one way I found that was simple, straightforward and really helped me appreciate nature again, even in a small way. 

Bring the outdoors in! Adopt some plant babies and take on a new hobby as a junior horticulturist. You'll beam with pride when your littles start to flourish and don't worry, there will be some casualties along the way. I've learned that placing the plants in places I spend time in and look at for a majority of the day tend to have a better chance of surviving. Our collection of small scale planters provides an opportunity to post up your perennials on a side table or desk. And if you need something that requires less attention, an air plant or succulent can be pretty low maintenance, unlike Karen.


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