Rid Yourself of Negative Vibes

When I started writing this blog segment I was thinking of titling it "Turn the Year Around" but sung in the catchy rhythm of Gloria Estefan circa 1994. Now that you have that gem on repeat in your brain, you're welcome. Instead I wanted to focus on a more specific direction, riding ourselves of negative energies. I think we can all agree that this year has graced us with trials and tribulations but also offered us an opportunity to grow as individuals and build better communities together. So as we emerge from the natural disasters, pandemics, cultural revolutions and the potential eruption of world war it is up to each of us to step forth renewed and with purpose to enact change. 

What is the first step when there are miles laid out ahead of us? Take a deep breath, exhale your anxiety and give yourself a good cleanse. No, I'm not talking about pushing the limits of hangry with a juice cleanse. I'm talking about a spiritual cleanse, a proper smudging. It's a practice that Native Americans used centuries ago that removes negative energy to make space for positive energy. Its a sure way to clear your mind and prepare your heart for the journey forward. The ritual is simple enough that anyone can do it and with a few materials you can have your home extinguished of all that bad juju in no time. 

Order a smudge bundle and your favorite fragrance candle and get to cleansing. 2021 is for good vibes only! #enhancethesoul


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